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Steve Nelson resurrects the “Curio Strip” blog. It’s about time.

  1. “Curio Strip” is the name of a nearly-forgotten, mysterious, and artful Hypercard stack from long ago in Mac history. Did you give the blog this name with that game in mind?

    • Hi, Carrie,
      Curio Strip was a game I wrote in 1994 or so after playing Myst and realizing it was all Hypercard + Quicktime + Stratastudio. I’ve had a request to post it online (for people who still can run Hypercard!) so I will, then I’ll post about it. Thanks for remembering.

  2. Hi, Carrie –
    Here it is:
    Thanks for the reminder here and on
    Please keep me up to date on getting it running.

    • Hello Steve! Funny I didn’t figure out you were the author of this blog sooner. I got your game to work on the Basilisk emulator, with no problems this time, and what a game it is. I look forward to reading your post about it. I want to post it about it on my blog, and with your permission I’ll record a video of the program so that people without the means to run it can see what you accomplished. I’m just as impressed by it now as I was… however many years ago.

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